A few things about me…

  • My name is Mark Wallis
  • Currently living in Sydney contracting as a senior .Net developer
  • Over a decade of experience developing software
  • I have a passion for technology
  • My focus is currently on smart client technologies but I have been a database developer and have worked on a number of web sites as well
  • I enjoy smoothing out and simplifying build and release processes to free up time for what I enjoy most…developing quality software
  • I have a strong interest in discovering ‘better, cleaner, faster’ ways to get systems out the door because I believe software development takes too long. If I have an idea I want to realise it as quickly as possible…plus writing systems for someone else I want to deliver quickly so I can move onto the next interesting project!
  • LinkedIn has some extra details…

Thanks for visiting my blog…I hope you found something useful!

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