Studio Version Selector Failure

The Questions

Are you clicking on your .sln file and nothing is happening?

Is it using the Visual Studio Version Selector (VSVS) to try to open your solution??

Do you only have ONE VERSION of visual studio on your machine???

Are you thinking “this VSVS is a piece of rubbish! How can it fail to find and use my ONE installed version!!”????

Well worry no more, the solution is simple (well, assuming you have the same problem as I did).

The Fix

  1. Open your .sln in wordpad
  2. Remove the blank line(s) from the top of the file
  3. Save
  4. Done!

It seems that VSVS is not capable of searching beyond the first line of the file for the version number. Is it just me or that lame?

    • Jeff Ng
    • June 21st, 2010

    Thanks very very much!! I got this problem when I rename a project (by revising the .sln file by note pad).

      • wallism
      • June 21st, 2010

      glad it helped 🙂

    • Robert
    • October 26th, 2010

    Thanks Mate …… Its really really saved lots & lots of my time ….. I have done lots of research on it but didn’t help….. Thanks again :))

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